This was the first rehearsal I have taken my electric violin to and apart from all the equipment I now find I need to carry with me, it went very well. One thing I did notice that it’s easier to judge the balance of the violin with the rest of the band when its sound is coming from a speaker six feet behind you!

We experimented with a new improvisational technique of having someone operate a foot pedal array that controls the capture and playback of loops from the members of the ensemble. This meant we have to have microphones for each of the ensemble member (apart from my electric violin of course) and the sound was coming out of two places, the actual instrument and the speaker.  There was also some leakage into other microphones, which will need to be addressed if we make this a concert style.

We also played some new (to us) pieces by Makoto NOMURA which will almost certainly find their way into a future concert.

Most importantly we arranged details of a gig at a special school in Leeds where we will be doing our “Human Motion Sensors” for several classes.

Chrissie Caulfield