We play notated and improvised music as part of concerts. But we also do plenty of more unusual projects, like the ones below.

Gamelan Soundbeam Dance

We recorded sound sounds on the Gamelan Sekar Petak at York University. Then we processed them on laptops using Audacity and loaded them into a soundbeam system. Dancers then triggered the sounds live on stage.

Silent Film Soundtrack

We found an old (out of copyright!) black & white film on YouTube and improvised our own soundtrack to it. The music was structured tightly beforehand. We have played this live on two occasions in York and Leeds.

Human Motion Sensors

First performed at Leeds Light Night. This is a human variation of the Gamelan dance in a way. Members of the public move around performance space and the ensemble ‘plays’ their movements.

It went down very well. The interactivity makes the audience involved in the performance, not just passive watchers of some pre-composed music.

We have since done this at a special school in Leeds for mentally and physically disabled pupils, who loved it …  and so did we 🙂

Elaine, the motion sensor, entertains

Second Life Concert

We did a concert of more conventional (for us!) pieces in Second Life on October 25th 2009


See also here for photos and videos of a concert we gave in York in March 2009 of pieces by women composers for International Women’s Week.